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Marquee Wedding

Please bear in mind that your wedding is not a competition!

It's a celebration with your family and friends of a union, between two people entering into a life partnership.

If you're going to worry and fret about how the day is going to look on your social media feeds
then you're probably missing the point...

We've been doing this for over 20 years and have pretty much seen and heard everything.

One or my personal favourites was from a future couple explaining the reason why they'd picked a specific weekend because, and I quote; " Statistically that specific weekend has been the most consistently driest over the last 10 years"

Followed closey by someone asking me;
"What I thought the weather was going to be like next July?"

If you're still reading this then you may well be considering celebrating your wedding in a marquee, and you're probably reeling a bit (or a lot!) with the amount of choice you have and the amount of money you have to spend.

We refer then to the first point, it's not a competition nor is it rocket science and it definately doesn't have to cost a fortune. 

Get a quote from us and you'll see that everything is individually itemised and the price that we charge is all inclusive, meaning no hidden charges or nasty surprises.

We make it a rule that we won't pester you after sending you a quote
(except to send you a text to tell you that we've emailed you a quote, that we respectfully ask you to acknowledge)

Video Showcase

We created a short video presentation that was filmed in our indoor showroom in 2014, about the services that we offer

(The showroom is no longer in operation, I knocked the barn down and built a house on the site, sorry about that...)

Wedding marquee from G P Marquees
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