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Our Marquees

We offer a range of different styles:

Our most popular type in the summer months is the Galaxy Capri. They are based on the US made Capri marquee that was brought into this country about 25 years ago. We've redesigned them in order to make them more robust, should the weather take a turn for the worse. They are manufactured her in the UK exclusively for us.


They've been loved by our customers over the years because of their beautiful flowing lines and connection with their surroundings.

Contact us and we'll send you over a full fact sheet about them


For those customers who prefer the more traditional style of marquee, we offer the industry standard framed marquee. Unlike the Galaxy Capri, these can be sited on hard standing areas. We offer a range of sizes from 6m to 12m widths. They come in 3m sections so you can create a structure of any length to suit your requirements. 

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