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  • What are these types of marquees?
    In the 1990’s the Capri Marquee (designed and manufactured in California) was imported into the UK. Our marquees are based on this original design.
  • Why are yours different from the original American-made Capri?
    We started hiring out Capris for parties and weddings in 2001 whilst they look fantastic and unusual when the weather is inclement, they were found a little and inadequate for the task. We took it upon ourselves to re-develop the products and make them more able to cope with what the English weather has to offer.
  • How big are they?
    We offer them in two sizes the bigger one is approximately 9 m x 12 m and the smaller one is approximately 9 m x 9 m. Typically we will join more than one together to create larger structures.
  • Do they feel roomy inside?
    Very much so the height of the centre poles is over 4 m. Please have a look at our video, filmed in our indoor showroom, to get a sense of the size.
  • Do they come with side walls?
    You get a mixture of clear and white side walls with each marquee. We put them on as a matter of course. Unless requested not to do so. We don’t advise customers to take the side walls off however they can be pinned back Open all rolled back.
  • What about the poles, do they get in the way?"
    The short answer is no, but if you are planning a ceilidh (Scottish dancing) then possibly this is not the type of structure for you.
  • What about lighting?
    We offer two types of light, the first is functional uplighters, that as the name suggests, throws light up from the ground, please see our night-time gallery for photos. The second type is fairy lights that are attached to every arch and give a lovely effect when combined with the silk foliage decoration around the arches. All we usually require is one socket to plug into.
  • Carpeting?
    When offer green thick button backed carpet that goes straight down on the grass. The colour was chosen as it interacts well with the marquees outside location and helps to blend the indoors and outdoors together.
  • Tables and Chairs?
    We offer a range of styles of seating, please see out galley pages.
  • Set up and take down?
    We typically set up marquees for Saturday weddings on Wednesdays and Thursday and take down on Sunday and Mondays.
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